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In nearly every project I have ever worked on needed a database. Most require a large robust system that can be backed up, reported off of and able to support hundreds of connections at a time. In those cases, a database like SQL Server, Oracle or MySql, MongoDb and CosmosDb are a perfect fit. However, some projects require a simpler solution. IoT, Apps and sometimes even little web apps really only need something modest and easy to implement.

Of course, there are a few options such as SQLite. Which is a great solution, but still requires you to either know SQL or implement an ORM interface which has a complexity of its own.

RizeDB was designed from the ground up to be fast and easy to implement. With RizeDb your data and your code are right next to each other. No query language is ever required.

And best of all it is free. Even for corporations. It is our gift to a community that has provided us years of support. RizeDb's standard features include:
  • .Net Standard so it can work in any .Net evnvironment
  • ACID to prevent corruption
  • NoSql and no Query Languages required
  • The data and logs exist in one file
  • Thread Safe
  • Supports AES Encryption

Instructions and Examples

To learn how to implement the database click here.